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Starting my journey 25 years ago working for LA's #1 Entertainment Agency,Entertainment Consultants, and serving over 1,400 weddings, my commitment is ensuring that your dream wedding is my number one priority. You want your wedding reception and ​wedding ceremony to be professional, organized--overseeing with care every detail such as itinerary, announcements, and the genres of music that will create the atmosphere tailored to your personalized style. Whether you want fun, formal, themed, and/or all of the above, we will ensure your special day is just that, full of memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Serving Greater Sacramento, Sierra Foothills, Tahoe, Napa & Bay Area. 

Contact Me @ 530.401.3536 or david@themusicexpressdj.com


Peddlers Market @ Antique Trove in Roseville.  Oct 15th, 11am-2pm.

Summer Classic Car Show Series @ Antique Trove; 11am-2 pm-July 16th, Aug 13th & Sept 17th! 

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